What is Ombre Technique?

Ombre or “Style” comes from the French word “shadow” and is the transition of a lighter shade from a darker shade. Generally, ombres work best on clients looking for a fuller powder brow effect or those with oily skin.

Using a specialist digital tattoo machine, Heidi creates the perfect powdered ombre brow using a combination of dot work and shading.  This technique generally lasts longer than other permanent makeup methods as more pigment is introduced.

This technique is perfect for clients looking to achieve a fuller powder brow look, like applying brow powder makeup, or those looking to reshape their brows, or improve symmetry.

Once healed, ombre brows appear soft and natural.

What is Feather Touch Technique?

The Feather Touch technique, also referred to as the Hair Stroke technique, allows me to create fine hair like strokes that appear natural.  Perfect for those looking to enhance their brows, this technique is ideal for over plucked or sparse brows.

Using the machine method and a very fine ‘nano’ needle, extremely fine hair strokes can be achieved to mimic and compliment natural hair.

While regular tattooing can last a lifetime with minimal fading, permanent makeup needs to be replenished every 1 to 3 years as the pigment does not go as deep into the skin which allows it to fade faster.

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