Sought after for my cosmetic tattooing, it’s one of my most popular services

Qualified and experienced in the application of permanent makeup using a digital tattoo machine, I pride myself on achieving a natural symmetrical cosmetic tattoo result for each client.

A specialist in creating perfect hairstroke brows using a digital machine method, I create the perfect set of brows based on the needs of each client.  From feather stroke, feather touch and ombre brows, I work with you to create the best result possible.

A master of the ombre technique, I love creating brows by using a shading technique to give you a natural powdered brow.  This technique lasts longer than others due to pigment retention.

Creating feather stroke or feather touch brows, I specialise in machine needling, using a ‘nano’ needle, which is in essence a very fine needle.  This technique allows me to create natural looking hairstrokes for a perfectly natural appearance.

My preferred method of applying cosmetic tattoos is by a machine method, which is gaining in popularity over the microblading technique, simply because it causes minimal trauma to the skin and lasts, on average longer.  

With the machine method, I’m able to deliver more pigment to each stroke, which means that the tattoo fades slower for a longer effect.

It’s important to remember too that good work is never cheap and cheap work is never good!  I always recommend any new clients to my salon to check my references by asking past clients if they are happy.

Nature isn’t perfect, and it may have left small gaps in your eyebrows. Why not perfect them with permanent make-up designed to complement your skin tone and to achieve a soft, natural and full appearance.

Hairstroke brow / feathering technique $ 690

Price is for 2 treatments so this is an "end" result cost

Ombre / Powder brow $ 690

Price is for 2 treatments so this is an "end" result cost

Combination brow - strokes and shading $ 690

Price is for 2 treatments so this is an "end" result cost

Colour refresh - 12 months $ 250
Colour refresh - 12 - 24 months $ 350
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