After your treatment you will need to avoid cleansers, make up, swimming, spas or direct contact with the area until healing has finished.

Do not pick, peel or scratch the healing tattoo as it can cause uneven colour and infection. The healing process typically takes 7-10 days, during this time the colour will look more intense. The true colour of your newly tattooed makeup will appear at the 3-week mark.

For some clients it will be perfect after the first procedure, for others it may be too light or become patchy in some areas. Don't worry - we will perfect the look when you come in for your scheduled touch up appointment in 4-8 weeks’ time.

To prolong the life of your tattoo, try to avoid AHA products directly on the treated area (lactic/glycolic/citric/retinoid/tartaric acids) or any OTC creams and lotions for tone correcting, anti-aging and exfoliating as this can fade and discolour your tattoo.


Apply extremely thin layers of barrier cream 2-3 times a day for first 5 days.

Always apply before showering (but still try to keep brows dry).

If the skin becomes itchy, apply more cream.

Do not worry if some of the colour comes out when applying cream, this is normal.

The colour will be intense for the first 5 days, then they will appear much lighter, maybe even too light. Please wait until the 3-week mark to see the true colour. If you look closely, you may notice some colour comes back by the third week.

Your tattoo may become uneven and gappy by the end of the first week ( it is advised to correct with pencil at this stage until the touch up)


Apply thin layer of barrier cream morning and night.

Always apply before showering.

No eye makeup for first 5 days.

Try to avoid direct contact with eyes during this healing period.


Immediately after the treatment, lips will be slightly swollen and tender.  Colour will appear much darker at first.

Apply barrier cream constantly to keep lips moist. This will help with tenderness as well as holding in the colour. If you do not apply enough cream, your lips will become tight and pigmentation will come out.

Always apply cream before showering.

Please do not pick - lips will exfoliate on their own, usually after 3-4 days. Barrier cream will help with the dry skin.

No hot drinks or spicy food for the first day.

No lipstick, kissing or direct water for 3 days (drink through a straw).

Full lip treatments do take longer, usually a week before swelling/peeling has finished.

Please do not be worried if you lose colour because you can lose 50-80% the first time.

Cold sores - if you have ever had a cold sore, you will more than likely break out. This is caused by stress on the lips. Please consider using cold sore creams or taking anti-viral medication to avoid this

Please contact the studio if you have any questions or concerns.